About us

Well let’s see….

We are two average people leading above average lives. Andrew Orlando Mueller and Megan Noele Ennen met at a Minnesota Twins game in May 2014 and their paths converged almost instantly. Megan was born in Minneapolis and, up until now, has led a more stable life than that of her counterpart. She has bounced around different parts of Minnesota and has built a career in social marketing. Her most recent employer was corporate America and they very much hope to have her back after this current chapter in her life. This chapter could appropriately be named ‘adventure’, because that is what she has craved and that is what presents itself now. Andy (referred to in this blog and to most in life as Orlando) has been a vagabond of sorts. Also a Minnesota native, he has lived in Montana, Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Hawaii, and has recently come full circle to once again call Minnesota home. He spends the summertime operating a small painting business to fund winter travels abroad. The last 10 winters have found him in Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Turkey, Amsterdam, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ecuador, and Peru, in that order. This chapter in his life would be called ‘finally’, for after many years of wandering solo he now has someone to share this world with. If one were to ask the family and friends of this couple what they think of their union, the most common summation would probably be ‘overdue’. The future chapters in their life together have yet to be written but as they put themselves out in the world at the mercy of the universe, you can expect a good read. Enjoy the journey with us and keep your hands and feet inside the ride.





3 Responses to About us

  1. Bob says:

    I will be following you guys in your latest journey!!
    Uncle Bob


  2. La hermana de Andy says:

    Such a beautiful summary of two even more beautiful people. ‘Overdue’ is quite right. It seems as though you two were placed together, at a time when you both were ready, willing, and able. There is no doubt in my mind that there was another sister involved with that. I didn’t know when I started reading that that I would end up crying, but such happy tears are evidence of the love and kindness you two emit, both individually, and more so, together. Andy, you have lived a full life so far, with many friends, in all corners of the world. I couldn’t be happier that you have now found that special partner to share your many adventures with. Megan, what a kind, beautiful heart you have. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you (and your family!) these last six months. You fit right into our crew and add that little something that we didn’t know was missing.

    Enjoy this ride you two crazy hooligans you. Many people are loving and missing you from afar, and can’t wait until you come back stateside to tell us all about it. Hugs and kisses from the Wernimont’s! And an especially slobbery one from Marles 🙂


  3. Carol says:

    We love you for taking us all with you on this ride. There is a peace within knowing you are together for this adventure. A birthday to remember, approaching a Christmas to remember! Thanks for taking the time to write for all your followers. We will be with you by your words. Thank you for this gift, Megan and Andy.


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